Jaskółka (The Caged Swallow) with English subtitles

Another Polish feature film - at Kino Pod Baranami with English subtitles!

Premiere: May 16th, 2014

dir. Bartosz Warwas, Poland 2013, 73’ (in Polish with English subtitles)

Off Plus Camera Festival: Polish film competition

On June 21, 1973, Stan Borys sings a song entitled "The Caged Swallow" at the Opole festival, as all of Poland watches the event on television. This includes the whole household at the home of nine-year-old Agnieszka Jaskółka (English: Swallow). But that fateful evening will bring another event - something that will reflect on her life.

It’s the second full-length thesis film in the history of Lodz Film School, after Jerzy Skolimowski’s 1964 film Identification Marks: None.

According to the director, The Caged Swallow is inspired by a true story, read a long time ago in a newspaper - a story of a woman who, after 30 years, guided by a sudden impulse, remembered long-repressed events from her childhood.

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