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(polska wersja znajduje się TUTAJ!)

POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH - in Kino Pod Baranami

POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH is Kino Pod Baranami's cycle of screenings specially for our foreign viewers.

Once every two weeks, on Tuesday, we will screen Polish film with English subtitles 
- something which you will not encounter anywhere else!

Come and see what’s happening in Polish cinematography!

- older and new titles
- great Polish actors and directors
- classics and entertainment
- all with English subtitles

Tickets: 13 PLN

Tuesday, April 22, 3.30 p.m.

dir. Maciej Wojtyszko, Poland 2007, 102'


Polish Film Festival - Special Jury Prize
Jury Award - Marcin Dorociński

An original mixture of romantic comedy and gangster film. Starring Marcin Dorociński and Patrycja Soliman.
18-year-old Louise has been placed at the mental hospital by her parents. There she meets Fabio, a gangster who tries to obtain a mental illness certification...

TRAILER (original version):

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